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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Massachusetts Society of Genealogists 2013 Annual Meeting

On Saturday I attended the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists (MSOG) 2013 Annual Meeting at the LDS Church in Littleton. The theme of this year’s meeting was the Civil War. The meeting spotlighted three excellent presentations. Dr. Janette Greenwood, Professor of History at Clark University, presented a social history on the Union and Confederate home fronts. Dennis Ahern, a trustee of the Acton Memorial Library, presented information and methodologies for researching a Civil War ancestor. The 15th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Re-enactment group offered an interactive living history demonstration of Union soldier life and civilian attire. Meeting attendees had the opportunity to present displays on their Civil War ancestors, and I was delighted to present my three Civil War tribute blog sites along with the displays.

The Massachusetts Society of Genealogists has five chapters in Massachusetts (Bristol, Martha's Vineyard, Merrimack, Middlesex, and Worcester) and holds regular meetings. For additional information about the Massachusetts Society of Genealogists please visit their website at: http://www.massachusettssocietyofgenealogists.org or http://www.msoginc.org. For additional information about my Civil War tribute blogs please visit the Twentieth Massachusetts Regiment 150th Anniversary, the Thirteenth New Hampshire Regiment 150th Anniversary, and the 27th Connecticut Regiment 150th Anniversary.


  1. Thank you Carol! MSOG, Inc. website can be found at: msoginc.org This is easier to use.
    MSOG, Inc. has 5 chaptersand they are: Middlesex, Martha's Vineyard, Bristol, Worcester and Merrimack Valley.

  2. Thank you Karen! I have added your suggestions to this post.

    It was a pleasure speaking with you at the MSOG Annual meeting. Hope to see you at upcoming meetings.