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Surnames I am currently researching include:
Connecticut: Baldwin, Candee, Fairchild, Hotchkiss, Kimberly, Lyon, Nichols, Phelps, Whiting

Massachusetts: Bates, Bradford, Bradstreet, Brocklebank, Caldwell, Dewey, Dudley, Dwight, Hathorne, Higgins, Hutchinson, Peabody, Putnam, Rackliff, Rogers, Stanton, Stickney, Tyler

Maine: Brown, Martin, Rackliff

New Hampshire: Buzzell, Caverly, Phelps, Ricker, Stickney, Swain/Swaine

Rhode Island: Cole, Stanton

Quebec: Breault, Leroux, Ouelette,Ouimette, Moreau, Morneau

Acadia: Breault

Ireland/Nova Scotia: Brown, McLaughlin, O'Connor, Sweeney

Italy: Annunziata, Avino, DiAngelis, Macera, Mitrano, Sorrentino, Strozzi

Surname Links:
McLaughlin: Sweeney/McSweeney:

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