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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Midwinter Musings

Winter is the most difficult season for me. I am happiest when I can combine a variety of approaches to my genealogical studies, including online research, onsite research in repositories and at genealogical seminars, and field work at historical sites and cemeteries. This winter we are experiencing unending cold and snowy weather in New England, with frequent snowstorms creating a hindrance to safe travel. At least two genealogical events that I attend regularly have been canceled this winter due to snowstorms. Suffice it to say that I am greatly looking forward to an early spring so that I can resume my travels and outdoor plans. In the meantime my focus has turned to indoor activities, mainly those I can do from home.

I have employed much of my time this winter catching up on my genealogical and historical reading, including Paula de Fougerolles' The Chronicles of Iona series, the Irish immigration study by John Kelly, The Graves are Walking, and the Italian immigration studies by Stephen Puleo, The Boston Italians and by Sarah Boyer, All in the Same Boat. I have added many of the books I have read or consulted to my Suggested Reading page.

I have also found a plethora of online materials, many of which I have added to my Links page, to assist in various research projects.

I am also preparing research plans for onsite research in Nova Scotia later this year, as well as planning weekend visits to local historical sites and walking tours.

Keeping busy helps the winter to pass more quickly, but I will be more than content to resume my travels as the winter wanes and spring approaches.

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