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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Constant Genealogist Begins

In truth, I have been engaged in genealogical research for nearly eleven years. I am creating this blog site to record my genealogical progress and to share my knowledge and my research with others.

I am a software engineer by day and a genealogist in my free time, but my head and my heart are constantly engaged in genealogical pursuits. On evenings and weekends I research in libraries and I regularly attend genealogical meetings and events. I am constantly learning new approaches and techniques in my genealogical research. During the warmer months I travel to venues in my native New England and in Pennsylvania. Maryland, and Virginia to pursue my research. While visiting cemeteries and battlefields I sense a strong connection to the past, and I feel honored and blessed to walk in the paths of my ancestors. My abiding hope is that I remain faithful in researching, recording, and presenting their life stories.

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